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Case Studies

​Marmox Soundboard supplied for stunning Aldgate apartment building

A development of 89 luxury apartments in one of the capital’s most fashionable districts is making full use of the acoustic and other performance benefits offered by Marmox SoundBoard, coupled with the manufacturer’s ubiquitous Multiboard product, in completing the floor construction.

The specification being employed for the 12-storey Ordnance Building in Dock Street, Aldgate, by Canbury Construction on site, features 12mm thick SoundBoard, covered by a 20mm thick layer of Multiboard. This high performance build-up has been installed over composite concrete structural floors and carries a finish of engineered oak in the living areas, while the bathrooms use just the SoundBoard and ceramic tiling.

An electric underfloor heating system is also being used to offer optimum comfort and efficiency for occupants of the luxury apartments.

Canbury Construction confirmed: “It was the decision of our in-house M&E consultant, to specify Marmox SoundBoard and Multiboard for the floor build-up in order to achieve the necessary sound insulation between levels. The boards have been installed by the tiling contractor and the flooring sub-contractor, Everest Flooring, using Mapei adhesive. While in the living rooms the 12mm SoundBoard is covered by 20mm thick Multiboards, in the bathrooms the tanking for the ceramic tiling is installed direct on the SoundBoard. It’s the first time we have used Marmox but the work has gone well and the operatives have found the boards very easy to cut and lay.”

Canbury Construction has been kept supplied with thousands of square metres of both board types through one of Marmox’s many stockists in the south-east, while the manufacturer’s technical department has provided both design input and on-site toolbox talks in order to train up staff previously unfamiliar with the products.

Marmox SoundBoard, like its sister product, Multiboard, features a totally waterproof core of extruded polystyrene (XPS) sandwiched between layers of glass-fibre reinforced polymer concrete, offering both thermal insulation with a conductivity of 0.035 W/mK and high compressive strength.

​Local Charity Residents Given Level Access Showering Thanks to Marmox

As a manufacturer whose product range is synonymous with wet rooms and high specification bathrooms, Marmox has supplied ten of its specialist Showerstone level access trays for an apartment development in Newark. Consisting of 22 high specification dwellings for retirees on two floors where, on the ground floor the Marmox Showerstone trays were set within a screeded floor, while those upstairs have been installed into the timber joists to maintain level access. A spokesperson at Guy Taylor Associates added: “Sustainability was a major criterion from the start and the properties were designed with this in mind and have achieved high scores in rating systems such as the Code for Sustainable Homes, Housing Quality Indicators and Lifetime Homes. All units feature full disabled access as well as flexible living spaces which can be customised to suit the needs of individual occupants and specifying the Marmox level access shower trays matched in perfectly with the accessibility requirements.” 

​Marmox Thermoblock Tackles Thermal Bridging Around Harrogate Home's Basement Structure

Some 180 Marmox Thermoblocks have been supplied to a regional builder for the construction of a high specification home near Harrogate, with their unique combination of insulating and load-carrying properties being used to tackle cold bridging where the two storeys above ground meet the basement structure which contains a swimming pool and other recreation areas. 
The five bedroom property has been built by Dobson Construction with a beam and block ground floor being supported off the in-situ concrete basement walls. The partially filled external wall of dense concrete blockwork, with an outer leaf of quarried stone, was then raised on the continuous course of Thermoblocks. 

The 65mm x 215mm x 600mm Thermoblocks were supplied through a local stockist and have been laid on a mortar bed with the special Marmox Multibond adhesive being used to seal the stepped joints between the units. 

The Site Manager for Dobson Construction recounted: “The use of the Thermoblocks was specified by our project architect to tackle the issue of perimeter heat loss, around the perimeter of the basement and also at ground floor level, on top of the concrete wall. Our bricklayers carried out the work, using the Marmox adhesive and the installation went without any problems whatsoever.”

As a loadbearing composite product Thermoblock has been developed to be incorporated into various wall constructions as a horizontal layer, equivalent to a course of bricks, in order to address a critical area of heat loss, thereby reducing energy bills and making a significant 

​Marmox Multiboard Warms Rutland Cottage

During the purchase of a delightful cottage in a rural location in Rutland the new owner noticed that the property seemed extremely cold. The main reasons appeared to be the fact that his new home had concrete flooring on the ground floor and solid exterior walls of concrete blocks faced with local stone throughout. To overcome the problem he decided to line the floor and walls with some form of insulation that was effective yet quick and simple to install. After considering the options available he decided that Marmox Multiboard fitted the bill on both counts.

Multiboard is manufactured from extruded polystyrene with both faces of the board covered with close woven fibreglass mesh embedded in a cement polymer mortar. This creates a board that is lightweight yet extremely strong with a high degree of thermal insulation [a conductivity of 0.027 watt/mK for the technically minded] and is totally impervious to any water penetration from outside. This Marmox product is also simple to fix to solid or stud walls being easy to handle due to its light weight and simply cut or sawn to the size required using conventional tools. In the Rutland cottage, 50mm Multiboard was laid on the concrete slab floors. On top was placed a 12mm ply layer and then low level underfloor heating before a surface layer of stone tiles in keeping with the house’s appearance. In the ceiling of the ground floor 10mm Multiboard was applied between the joists. Then, with the floors completed, all the outside walls were insulated internally with 20mm thick Multiboard.

The owner carried out much of the renovation work himself and was delighted with how easy and fast it was to install the Marmox boards. Now all the insulation work is complete he is also impressed with the much improved warmth in his cottage, particularly during the recent cold snap.

​Marmox Multiboard In The Shangri-La Hotel Bathrooms

The Marmox Multiboard, a product supplied by Marmox (UK) Ltd. has been installed in one of the world’s most opulent and exclusive hotels, the Five Star Hotel situated in The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe with a crystalline façade.

W.B. Simpson and Sons, a specialist Tiling Contractor Company established in 1833, which supplies hard wall and floor tiling in commercial, industrial and leisure projects, specified the Marmox Multiboard to be installed in the two hundred luxuriously appointed bathrooms on floors 34 to 52 of The Shard.

The Marmox Multiboard is the perfect solution for insulating and waterproofing in one operation. Manufactured from extruded polystyrene it is fully waterproof and each face of the Multiboard is covered with a close woven fiberglass mesh embedded in a cement polymer mortar with a special finish unique to Marmox.

The Multiboard thicknesses of 10mm to 60mm were chosen by Simpson and Sons to create the vanity portals, which house single or double wash-basins. These boards also offer a high thermal insulation and are ready to receive plaster or tile finish. In this case the Multiboard panels have been finished with decorative marble tiles in keeping with the overall luxurious décor.


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