• Marmox Multibond Adhesive and Sealant

    Marmox Multibond is our premium sealant-adhesive. It is made in the UK using the latest environmentally friendly technology to create a 100% solvent free material with absolutely zero VOC. It is possibly the 'greenest' sealant-adhesive available having no hazardous, environmental or ecological impac... more >
  • Marmox Self-Adhesive Waterproof Tape

     Use this product to create a permanant waterproof seal around all shower formers where it meets the adjoining floor, the wall and the internal corners.... more >
  • Marmox Washers

    When screw fixing Marmox Multiboard it is essential to use washers.  With the appropriate corrosion resistant screws, our slimline plastic washers grip tightly and become virtually flush with the surface of the Multiboard when screwed in tightly. Packs of plastic washers are sold in bags of 100... more >
  • Marmox Fixing Dowels

    A fast and secure method for fixing Marmox boards to either brick, concrete or block walls (but not AAC lightweight blocks). Can be used on their own to fix flush to the wall or for uneven walls they are used with tile adhesive using the dot and dab method. Note: If using with a dab of adhesive then... more >
  • Reinforcing Tape

    Self Adhesive, glass fibre mesh skrim tape. This tape helps prevent any movement and should be used to cover all the joints where Marmox boards meet. Available in 20m or 90m rolls. Note: Allow 2m of tape per standard size Marmox board and 4m per long Marmox board.... more >
  • Showerlay Plinth

    The Showerlay Plinth can be used wherever it is difficult to run your pipe work, whether it's an awkwardly placed joist or a concrete floor that you don't want to dig out. This polystyrene block enables you to cut out the sections to allow the waste and pipes to lay. Width: 1500mm  Height... more >
  • Marmox Water Proof Corners

     Use this pre-formed waterproof corner to join with 'Marmox Self-Adhesive Waterproof Tape' for an easy solution to waterproofing.... more >
  • Marmox Fixing Brackets

     There are 3 different Marmox Fixing Brackets available: Wall Brackets     Joint Brackets     Perpendicular Brackets ... more >

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