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Reducing sound transmission on a hard floor

Impact Soundproofing With A Difference

Sound insulation materials are becoming more important all the time, since the problem of excessive noise can be a bane for anyone associated with the ownership of a property.

Whether you own, rent or lease a flat where tenants literally live on top of each other, it's likely the problem of having noisy neighbours will arise at some point. So, if you have to live with it or deal with the complaints as a result of it, the issue is certainly something we can all do without. Tools such as floor insulation for impact sound reduction are therefore hugely beneficial.

This is where the Marmox Soundboard comes in. Our impact sound reducing boards for tiled and wood/laminate floors do not only reduce footfall sound being heard in the living space directly below, exceeding local authority requirements, but also provide waterproofing, thermal insulation and decoupling properties to stop tiles from cracking due to movement. 

Experienced in thermal insulation and impact sound reduction

At Marmox, we have 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing construction products, and because we know the industry so well, you can rest assured that what you buy from us is made of the highest quality materials.

Our soundboards, insulation and impact sound reduction products are multi-functional in that they also offer excellent thermal insulation, improving a home's energy efficiency and making a positive impact on heating bills.

In the long-term, installing the Marmox Soundboard can not only save residents the hassle of having to confront their neighbours about excessive noise, but also help them to make considerable reductions on their outgoings.

If you have any further questions, our helpful sound absorption and insulation team is waiting to offer advice and extra information - give us a call on 01634 835290.