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Major insulation and waterproofing work to accompany Thames tunnel project

Date: Wed 19th April 2017

There are already some tunnels under the River Thames, as motorists using the Blackwall Tunnel and pedestrians who have crossed through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel will know, but the biggest river crossing of all is now due to be built. Unlike the other road, Tube, train and pedestrian crossings... More >

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Insulation may be issue as Liverpool reaches for the sky

Date: Wed 19th April 2017

In recent years the number of skyscrapers in Britain has grown rapidly. While London now has one building over 1,000 ft tall and more planned, Manchester is in the throes of its own boom and other tall buildings are popping up in big cities across Britain. Liverpool might have been relatively slow... More >

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Contractor chosen to deliver M&E package in Birmingham apartments development

Date: Wed 19th April 2017

A specialist electrical and mechanical services contractor has been selected to deliver the wet rooms, shower lining and other water and electrical facilities in a new apartment development in the heart of Birmingham. J S Wright has been selected for the task by Galliford Try, which is the main... More >

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Student flats project set to start with phase 1 deal signing

Date: Wed 12th April 2017

The construction of student accommodation has been a major growth area for the construction sector, and not just builders dealing in cranes, bricks and mortar. Each new student block means work for insulation fitters as well as those providing waterproofing for showers and basements. All that will... More >

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Building green homes 'difficult as material prices rise'

Date: Tue 11th April 2017

The UK faces a major new potential problem with building enough homes - and it isn't land-banking, nimbyism or a failing housing market. Instead, it appears a combination of rising material prices and strict regulations introduced last year requiring that all new homes be carbon-neutral could... More >

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Landlords urged to fit insulation - or risk prosecution

Date: Mon 10th April 2017

The issue of energy efficiency in homes has been a major concern for householders, policymakers and energy firms alike, with legislation now in place designed to make privately rented homes more energy efficient. Fitting good insulation is one very effective way to achieve this goal. From April 1st... More >

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New kit homes come with built-in insulation

Date: Fri 7th April 2017

The need to tackle Britain's housing crisis is well known, with communities secretary Sajid Javid unveiling a white paper in February containing a range of proposals for getting more homes built up and down the country. However, while governments might make big efforts to speed up the building... More >

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Tall buildings contractor wins Greater Manchester contract

Date: Fri 7th April 2017

The task of constructing and fitting out tall buildings can require a number of specialised skills in construction, design and materials. All of these are much in demand at present around Manchester and Salford, where a large number of taller structures are now being built, or are planned for the... More >

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Major insulation jobs in offing after big housing contract wins

Date: Thu 6th April 2017

There will be plenty of work to keep insulation and waterproofing fitters busy in London after construction firm Galliford Try won two large contracts. It has been able to celebrate its largest ever deal in the south-east of England, with the £128 million deal to carry out phase two of the... More >

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Could Britain be more energy-efficient post-Brexit?

Date: Tue 4th April 2017

Opponents of Britain's departure from the EU have cited a wide range of concerns, one of which has been that the UK will no longer be subject to European standards on environmental issues. This has led to some fearing that the government may use Brexit as an excuse for a bonfire of regulations,... More >

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Woolwich Arsenal to be turned into creative quarter

Date: Mon 3rd April 2017

There are many buildings and sites around the country where the old purpose lapses and a new one is found after a major refurbishment. After all, there are former barns converted into homes, mills turned into office complexes and old railway station houses that become pubs. Even Battersea Power... More >

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Flood concerns may need to be addressed in Gloucester housing scheme

Date: Fri 31st March 2017

A planned housing scheme on the edge of Gloucester city centre could face substantial opposition due to the flood-prone nature of the vicinity. Aggregate and waste management firm Allstone, which is based at the site on Myers Road, wants to move its operations to a new site and develop the land... More >

Categories: Cellar Waterproofing

Expert appointed to speed up construction

Date: Thu 30th March 2017

Demand for home insulation and cellar waterproofing work could soon soar if the appointment of a housing expert to a key role in the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) leads to the hoped-for increase in new building. The government has appointed former director of growth and partnerships at Barratt... More >

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​TfL ​plans refurbishment of Tube station

Date: Wed 29th March 2017

A major refurbishment of a London underground station - which may include substantial work to fit new insulation and waterproofing - is being planned by Transport for London (TfL). The project will see a major revamp of South Kensington Station, which is served by the Circle, District and... More >

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MP in call over insulation after fuel poverty figures published

Date: Tue 28th March 2017

An MP is calling for more action to be taken to help poorer households get insulation and other help to make their homes energy-efficient after learning of the findings of new research showing the extent of fuel poverty in her constituency. Helen Jones, the Labour member for Warrington North,... More >

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New insulation plan to benefit Hampshire residents

Date: Tue 28th March 2017

Residents of three towns in the district of East Hampshire are to be offered the chance to get loans to pay for energy-efficiency measures in the home, including new insulation. East Hampshire District Council is offering the loans under its Cosy East Hampshire programme. People living in the towns... More >

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Estate re-vamp to see 1,000 homes built

Date: Mon 27th March 2017

The post-war period saw a plethora of council estates built across the UK. At a time when the legacy of the Luftwaffe and the desire to clear slums was combined with the onset of the 'baby boom', over 300,000 new properties were built in Britain in some years, a tally politicians could only... More >

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Why insulation matters at new TfL housing developments

Date: Wed 8th March 2017

The importance of fitting good insulation in new homes is obvious enough; quite apart from the legal compliance with the latest building regulations, there are the impacts in terms of carbon footprints and fuel poverty, with the latter always likely to be of particular consideration to those on low... More >

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Planning permission awarded for tallest flats in Birmingham

Date: Tue 7th March 2017

The tallest residential building in Birmingham is set to go ahead, following the granting of planning permission by the city council. Developer Regal (West Point) has got the green light for the second phase of the Left Bank project on Broad Street in the city centre, which will see a 31-storey... More >

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Deal signed to transform Battersea estates

Date: Mon 6th March 2017

Two of the most notorious sink estates in London are to be transformed in a £1 billion government scheme, with Taylor Wimpey being confirmed as the main contractor. The construction firm will be responsible for demolishing and rebuilding most of the Winstanley and York Road estates, with a... More >

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Report attacks uncertainty over old home refit rules

Date: Fri 3rd March 2017

The fitting of insulation into existing homes to help bring them up to the right levels of energy efficiency is something that will be very important in reducing fuel poverty and emissions in Britain, but the question of how is causing much confusion. While a report from the Green Building Council... More >

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Council insulation plan causes aesthetics row

Date: Tue 28th February 2017

The need to make sure Britain's buildings are well insulated is well known; with both emissions levels and fuel poverty to consider, there is clearly an imperative for establishing the maximum possible levels of energy efficiency. For new buildings, that can be taken care of by adherence to... More >

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Report outlines huge insulation challenge

Date: Tue 28th February 2017

The UK has taken some steps to improve the amount of insulation in homes, but the country is still well behind where it needs to be if it is to meet its carbon emissions targets by 2050. A report delivered to Parliament by the Green Building Council (GBC) has noted that four out of every five homes... More >

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From Cold War to warm insulation: how an RAF base is being turned into a new village

Date: Mon 27th February 2017

The recent government housing white paper detailed a range of plans the government has come up with for increasing the number of new homes being built, all of which is good news for various parts of the construction sector. Indeed, those fitting cavity wall insulation, waterproofing cellars or showe... More >

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UK house building continues to rise

Date: Mon 27th February 2017

With modern energy performance legislation being what it is, new-build homes in Britain need to be well-insulated. That means any increase in the number being built is good news for the insulation industry, as each new home means a new insulation fitting job. Since the recession of 2008-09 and the... More >

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Council hails insulation plan for Camden homes near HS2

Date: Fri 24th February 2017

The leader of Camden Council has spoken of the local authority's pride in securing a number of concessions for residents affected by the building of the HS2 rail line. Speaking as the bill to build the first part of the high-speed link from London to Birmingham finally passed into law,... More >

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Refurbished university facility gets better insulation

Date: Thu 23rd February 2017

Improved insulation is one of the features of an upgraded facility for students at the University of Birmingham. The University Centre's Avon Room and former Coffee Lounge has been undergoing a major revamp and the latest phase has seen the reopening of the study area with room for 190... More >

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Waterproofing potential for flood resilience shown in new house

Date: Wed 22nd February 2017

A home has been designed with a number of special features designed to show how effective waterproofing can be in making a home resilient against flooding. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has built what it has described as a 'resilient house', a prototype designed to show how a... More >

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Install more insulation in buildings, public sector urged

Date: Tue 21st February 2017

The public sector can do more to combat climate change, reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency by fitting more insulation, according to managing director of programmes at the Carbon Trust Richard Rugg. Mr Rugg made this point in an article for Public Sector Executive, in which he pointed... More >

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Liverpool apartments boom set to keep wetroom workers busy

Date: Mon 20th February 2017

The growth of the UK construction sector may have had particular significance for companies carrying out waterproofing work in showers and wetrooms, because a lot of the focus has been on apartments. While the average semi-detached home has plenty of room for a bath, many apartments do not, meaning... More >