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4 in 5 think govt should do more to tackle climate change, says study

Four-fifths of the UK public are unhappy with the government's approach to tackling global warming, according to new research.

The study - carried out by renewable heating provider Innasol - found just one in five feel as though ministers are doing enough to reduce the effects of climate change, with almost a quarter (22 per cent) saying they have becoming increasingly sceptical about the issue over the last few years.

With heating forming 78 per cent of consumer energy bills in the country, it could be argued that one of the easiest ways to make a property more sustainable would be to tackle any wastage problems in this area.

Solid wall insulation can help improve the efficiency of those homes that are likely to experience difficulties and can't fit cavity wall insulation, potentially helping householders reduce their costs and their consumption in one fell swoop.

Funding to help subsidise the installation of this measure is currently available via the government's Green Deal, although the Innasol research suggested more than two-fifths of respondents would be more proactive about reducing their CO2 emissions if they were offered financial incentives.

Posted by Helen Hughes