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All heating insulation 'is good'

Having any heating insulation is better than none at all, according to one expert.

Eco-campaigner, TV presenter and author James Strawbridge described in an article for Smallholder the best ways to lower energy bills in the home.

He explained that loft insulation is a worthwhile investment as it can substantially lower heat loss and reduce fuel costs.

Attempting to fit lagging by hand was recommended as a good way to save extra pennies and individuals were advised how to do so.

"There are lots of different sorts of insulation out there, but the bottom line is any insulation is good insulation," Mr Strawbridge commented.

People were urged to wear safety goggles, overalls and gloves when carrying out the work and reminded to cover the loft hatch to prevent additional heat escaping.

Mr Strawbridge runs a series of courses designed to educate individuals on sustainable living and adapting homes to incorporate alternative power sources.