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Angus MP promotes Home Heat Helpline

An MP in the council area of Angus is encouraging local homeowners to apply for help with energy-efficient measures such as thermal insulation.

Mike Weir has called for households to ring up the Home Heat Helpline, which offers free and confidential advice to vulnerable consumers and those in low-income families, the Arbroath Herald reports.

This help could connect individuals to support worth an average of £160 and grants for loft and wall insulation, new heating systems, replacement boilers and rebate schemes.

According to recent research, around 4,600 property owners in Angus are eligible for assistance with their energy bills and nationally, more than one in ten UK households are able to receive aid.

Mr Weir told the news provider that most nearby residents are unaware of the support that is available to them and anyone who is concerned about staying warm this winter should get in contact with advisers.

"I would also ask people to look out for neighbours, friends or relatives who may be in difficulty and make sure they are aware of the Home Heat Helpline," he was quoted as saying.

The body can also be accessed by visiting, where an online energy checker will be able to inform people of whether they are entitled to help or not.

Christine McGourty, a representative from the service, said homeowners should make various small changes around their homes in order to lower their gas and electricity consumption.

She continued: "As the weather gets colder and households turn on their heating, now is the ideal time to remind people that lots of help is available to keep warm."

In order to knock up to ten per cent off their heating bills, householders have been advised to turn radiators down in rooms that are only used occasionally.

In addition, individuals may want to turn appliances such as televisions and phone chargers off at the wall, instead of leaving them on standby.

Posted by Paul Taylor