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Attic thermal insulation 'should be at least eight inches thick'

Homeowners have been advised to ensure their attic thermal insulation is more than eight inches thick in order to be of maximum benefit.

Renovator Gerry Frederick told readers of the Cranbrook Daily Townsmen that anything less than that is "not enough".

He described how laying heating insulation is a simple and relatively cheap job when assessed alongside the long-term benefits.

The expert said that in most cases "you can't go wrong" when installing lagging and as long as people are careful where they step they should find placing it around the loft fairly easy.

Mr Frederick concluded: "Anyway you get it done, it is an important job. It will cost a little now but continue to save you big money by cutting the heating costs."

People could see the benefits of installing thermal insulation even in summer as, according to About The House on Castanet writer Hugh Cairns, it can keep homes cool in warm months also.