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Basements 'have huge potential for heat loss'

Adding basement insulation to a home can prevent heat loss, an expert has stated.

In an article for RISMedia, vice-president of Pillar To Post Professional Home Inspections Charles Furlough said people will feel the effects of poor lagging both physically and financially at this time of year.

He went on to explain that over a third of a building's heat can be lost through the basement, with a major cause of problems being the wrong type of thermal insulation.

There are many types of basement insulation on the market including loose fill, fibreglass, mineral wool blanketing and spray foam, while the correct one depends on the age and location of a dwelling, Mr Furlough continued.

The expert suggested rigid board insulation could be the best way to go, adding: "This type is typically the most expensive and tough to fit into irregular spaces, but many find the initial cost and effort well worth it in energy savings."

According to the US Department of Energy, properly insulated foundations can reduce heating costs and make rooms more comfortable.