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Bordon regeneration 'to lead way in energy efficiency'

A housing regeneration project taking place in the East Hampshire area of Bordon is striving to lead the way for energy-efficient homes in the UK.

The government is monitoring the work being done to implement such measures in the town, with these ranging from triple glazing, solar panels and improved insulation, Eagle Radio reports.

In addition, radiators will be scrapped in place of mechanical air vents, with these taking the heat from a particularly warm area and dispersing it throughout a property.

Bruce Collinson, head of environmental sustainability at the local council, explained: "All the information that's being collected in this house, [such as] the temperature, is being transmitted to a central area."

While the project in Bordon is certainly innovative, there are ways in which consumers not set to be housed in one of these specialist energy-efficient homes can help to lower the cost of their energy bills, such as by applying for financial support for installing efficient measures like solid wall insulation from the government's Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

Posted by Helen Hughes