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British firms to enter bioenergy competition

Three British firms have been tasked with generating bioenergy by transforming reeds and rushes from wetlands.

Natural Synergies, AMW IBERS and AB Systems have been awarded with a share from a £1.3 million sum to test their projects at locations around the UK, Energy Live News reports.

They will be competing with one another to determine which offers the best design, which could be used in future initiatives.

Many wetland areas are protected in order to preserve the presence of wildlife, but material from these areas can be used to produce energy.

The government is hoping it can have a big impact on the industry, with bioenergy expected to contribute 11 per cent to the total UK supply by 2020.

Energy Minister Greg Barker said: "The ability to turn plant material - that would otherwise have been burned or left to decompose - into a sustainable energy source is an important part of the move towards a low carbon economy."

Posted by Rachel Jenkins