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British Gas praised for heating insulation offer

An initiative to install cavity wall insulation and loft lagging by energy provider British Gas has been praised by one organisation.

The Footprint Trust applauded the company's efforts to reduce carbon consumption by offering all its customers free heating insulation, the Isle of Wight Chronicle reports.

Speaking on behalf of the Trust, Ray Harrington-Vail explained how British Gas will help individuals lower their outgoings in the long-run.

"Cavity wall insulation could save over £110 each year on energy bills and unlike loft insulation can not be carried out by DIY enthusiasts," he said.

Mr Harrington-Vail described how heating insulation helps to "lock in" warmth so homeowners do not have to use as much energy to keep their properties at a comfortable temperature.

Previously, only those aged over 70, or who collected benefits, were eligible for the free home improvement.

The Footprint Trust is a charity based on the Isle of Wight that aims to promote the benefits of sustainable living.