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Britons 'should learn under floor heating lesson from Romans'

British homeowners could learn a thing or two from the Romans when it comes to making their properties more energy efficient, according to E.ON.

To mark the launch of its Energy Fit website, which aims to help consumers cut their power consumption and bills, the utility company has team up with eco-friendly lifestyle expert Dick Strawbridge and Professor Andrew Wilson of Oxford University's Institute of Archaeology to show how the design of a 2,000-year-old villa could benefit the typical three-bedroom semi.

Professor Wilson said Romans made heat and water "work much harder round the house" than most modern Britons thanks to innovations like under floor heating that kept a whole room warm.

Today's homes waste a lot of energy by having wall-mounted radiators located beneath windows and, in many cases, these units are too small for the space they are trying to keep warm, E.ON added, which may explain the growing popularity of contemporary under floor heating systems.

"Providing a gentle and even heat, under floor heating is unobtrusive with no radiators and the heat is where people need it most, at ground level," the company said.

Last month, Andrew Dunning of APD Interiors told City AM that under floor heating is a "great choice" for ensuring both specific areas and a whole house stay warm.