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Carillion to provide thermal insulation in Birmingham

Carillion Energy Services has signed a deal that will see it provide energy-efficient measures like thermal insulation to 60,000 Birmingham households.

As part of the city council's £600 million Birmingham Energy Savers (BES) project, Carillion is planning to install power-saving fixtures under the Green Deal, the Journal reports.

The government initiative - which was launched at the beginning of October - allows consumers to pay back the costs of green technology through their energy bill.

Nigel Taylor, managing director of Carillion, claimed the BES scheme is the first of its kind to be announced by a local authority and could encourage other bodies to make similar moves.

"Indeed, in this region Newcastle City Council is developing an equivalent Green Deal programme of its own to help households cut energy bills and carbon," he was quoted as saying.

The project is not just targeting homeowners, rather it is also seeking to provide the services to schools and other non-domestic council-owned properties.

As part of the partnership, Carillion has pledged to generate and sustain at least 360 jobs in the city and it is seeking to find work and placements for 600 individuals from priority groups.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins