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Cavity wall insulation 'can create massive savings'

Properties without adequate loft and wall insulation could be losing as much as 60 per cent of their central heating.

This is according to National Insulation Association (NIA) chief executive Neil Marshall, who called this a "staggering amount" of wastage.

He noted homeowners can cut their energy bills by between £185 and £310 annually by fitting adequate thermal insulation in the attic and wall space.

For properties requiring solid wall insulation, "the savings are even greater" and are currently up to £635 every 12 months, the expert continued.

The installation costs for thermal insulation can be relatively low so the payback period is often only between one and three years, Mr Marshall added.

Heating insulation on water tanks and pipes can also reduce outgoings on gas and electricity, with a well fitted jacket around a hot water cylinder reducing this expense by £40 annually, the Energy Saving Trust states.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins