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'Check heating insulation' over winter

The majority of UK homeowners (64 per cent) perform routines such as checking the heating insulation on water pipes or using draft excluders to improve the dwelling's thermal insulation qualities to protect their house over winter.

This is according to research from Swinton Insurance, which revealed 32.7 per cent of these people neglect to have their boiler serviced, which increases their likelihood of this appliance enduring a breakdown and their under floor heating no longer working.

Overall, 51.8 per cent of individuals with their own dwelling have had to take time away from work to wait for a handyman as a result of a problem in their domicile.

A total of 45.1 per cent have been absent for a full day for this purpose.

"Home emergencies can be a real inconvenience for homeowners, especially if it means taking time off work," Swinton insurance development manager Steve Chelton said.

Cavity wall insulation and similar upgrades to a structure's lagging were also recently recommended as worthwhile winter upgrades by the National Association of Estate Agents.

Posted by Simon Webster