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'Check ice patterns' to assess heating insulation levels

Individuals concerned they may need to install more heating insulation in their loft due to a build up of icicles have been given tips on how to assess their lagging needs.

Speaking to the Burlington Free Press, housing expert Henri de Marne explained that an accumulation of ice dams on a roof may not necessarily mean the problem lies inside the property.

"If you see a whole bunch of little icicles forming - and the icicles look like fringes on a tablecloth - this is an indication the melting of the snow is due to external circumstances," he stated.

Homeowners were advised that ice on the edge of eaves is more symptomatic of heat leaking from the loft space and a sign that more thermal insulation may be needed.

If too much warmth is escaping from the home it can lead to water melting and then refreezing in the gutters to form ice dams, which can potentially cause damage to insulation, walls and ceilings if not removed.