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'Check loft insulation' in the spring

Homeowners may want to check the state of their attic heating insulation following one expert's advice.

In an interview with the Berkshire Eagle, outreach coordinator for the Center for Ecological Technology Laura Biddulph described how the winter weather may have caused damage to the inside of roofs.

She explained that ice dams, which often build up during the colder months, may have led to water penetrating loft insulation as they melt.

"While the roof has stopped leaking, the water could have worked its way well into the house.

"Whether sheetrock, plywood or insulation, it needs to be inspected," the expert stated.

It was suggested that moisture can prevent heating insulation being effective and mould could develop which is bad for health.

The University of Minnesota explains that ice dams usually occur at the edges of roofs and prevent melting snow from draining off the property.

As a result, the water can collect and then damage walls, ceilings and heating insulation.