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'Check roof' to prevent thermal insulation damage

People have been advised to check their roofs twice a year to prevent damage to their thermal insulation.

Writing for the Herald, James and Morris Carrey explained the importance of making regular assessments of a property.

They described how loose tiles, flashing or guttering can lead to water damage that may ruin the interior of a home.

"A roof leak can result in significant damage to insulation, walls, ceilings, flooring and personal property," it was stated.

Individuals were warned that undetected problems could cause rotting and compromise the "structural integrity" of a building.

To avoid costly repairs, checking the state of the roof before the winter and again after the cold spell ends was recommended.

The Carreys commented that many improvements are usually minor and can be completed by homeowners themselves.

When assessing a roof, it is important to ensure ladders are placed on solid, level ground, the National Roofing Contractors Association states.