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Check thermal insulation ahead of cold weather, homeowners told

Homeowners have been urged to ensure they have the recommended 270 mm of loft insulation in place before the winter sets in.

Insurer Legal & General (L&G) said having this thickness of quality material can be important in preventing property damage as the weather gets worse because it will help to prevent dampness.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, it will also help to keep households warm, as a property with no insulation loses 26 per cent of its heat via the roof.

Elsewhere, L&G urged people to check around the house for draughts, as gaps in windows and doors can let in the rain.

The company also advised those going away during the winter to leave their heating on a low setting.

It added that while turning the system off might appear to be a money-saving move, it can be a "false economy" if freezing temperatures lead to cracked or burst pipes.