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Check thermal insulation has not dislodged, expert advises

In preparation for the cold winter months, homeowners have been reminded of the importance of checking their attic's thermal insulation.

Speaking to the Suffolk News Herald, the president of heating firm Aire Serv Vinie Copeland gave a number of tips on how to ensure properties retain heat.

Individuals were encouraged to assess the state of the thermal insulation in their roof space as it can not only keep a house warmer but also reduce energy bills.

"If you've been living there a while, your insulation can get moved around while you were getting Christmas decorations or something,” he explained.

As a result, Mr Copeland suggested looking out for disturbed lagging and either relaying it, or adding extra wadding to help increase the efficiency of what is already there.

Thinkinsulation noted other areas around a property that could benefit from heating insulation are walls and floors, as well as central heating boilers and hot water pipes.