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Coast and Country to provide thermal insulation

Coast and Country are making properties in Middlesbrough more energy-efficient following a £1.5 million grant from EDF Energy.

As part of the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) - which provides householders on lower incomes in the UK with ways to reduce their fuel bills - the power supplier will help cut costs in up to 271 homes on the Spencerbeck and Normanby estates, the Gazette Live reports.

Coast and Country are planning to spend the funding on the installation of external wall insulation, loft insulation top-ups, radiator control valves and cavity wall insulation.

These measures will make properties warmer and more comfortable for residents, while knocking a considerable amount of cash off their fuel bills.

John Szymik, project manager at EDF Energy, said hundreds of families in Teesside will benefit from the company's latest offer.

He added: "As an energy company we are constantly striving for low carbon solutions, be it improving energy-efficiency, investing in renewable energy or in nuclear - all of which we have in the north-east."

CESP is also helping residents in the area's private establishments and was praised highly by one householder.

Annie Smart of Oakley Walk recently had external wall insulation installed and she was quoted as claiming: "The insulation has made a world of difference to the house. It's so much cosier now and I've already noticed how much it has lowered by heating bill."

In total, the CESP expects to deliver up to £350 million of energy-saving measures with compulsory funding from gas and electricity suppliers and generators.

Around 400 schemes nationwide are anticipated to be rolled out, which would benefit 90,000 homes and save almost 2.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

According to Anthony Brown, director of property and assets at the property agency, Coast and Country begun the project because it is passionate about supporting eco initiatives and it hopes to introduce the programme to other parts of the UK in future.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins