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Cornish bulk-buying energy scheme offers free loft insulation

Time is running out for Cornish residents to sign up to a bulk-buying energy scheme that offers homeowners free loft and cavity wall insulation.

Cornwall Together has announced that after October 28th people will be unable to go through the organisation to purchase electricity and gas supplies in groups, This is Cornwall reports.

Since its launch, almost 3,500 householders have teamed up to save money on their energy bills.

Matt Hastings, project manager of the company, was quoted as saying it aims "to bring people together to reduce fuel poverty, encourage sustainability and community resilience".

Last month, the newspaper revealed that energy secretary Ed Davey praised the firm for its ability to sign up 20,000 Cornish residents to the scheme.

Once the deadline has passed, Cornwall Together plans to turn to electricity and gas companies in order to seek out the best deals for local residents.

It is estimated that the instalment of loft insulation could save families around £185 each year on heating bills and bulk-buying supplies could save them up to £432.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins