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Could offshore energy drive push up bills?

British consumers could face even higher gas and electricity payments in the future, as the government looks to restrict wind farms to offshore areas.

According to recent reports, a move to limit onshore turbines in the Conservative Party's election manifesto in 2015 would require increased subsidies of around £300,000 per turbine, per year.

Professor Richard Green, an economist from Imperial College London, said: "That is the cost in additional subsidy, at the rates the government is planning to pay in about 2017. Those subsidies are recovered through electricity bills."

Experts from the Royal Academy of Engineering also claimed the cap on turbines could potentially make it more difficult to meet the UK's targets to cut carbon emissions.

Onshore wind farms have been unpopular among some Conservative MPs from rural constituencies for some time. Reports have now claimed that David Cameron will ensure next year's manifesto limits subsidies and toughens planning laws.