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Do not assume lofts have adequate heating insulation, homeowners advised

Homeowners may want to assess their loft's heating insulation after one writer described finding her high energy bills were caused by lack of lagging.

In an article for the Nature Conservancy's Cool Green Science Blog, Stephanie Wear explained how an auditor helped her uncover where she was losing warmth from her property.

Following the revealing inspection, she advised others not to "assume you are as insulated as you should be" but instead take a thorough look at attic spaces.

For those who discover they need to add additional lagging to their loft, it was suggested that there are plenty of different options to suit individual requirements.

Ms Wear, for example, opted for green heating insulation that was made from recycled newspaper-based products and was less expensive than some alternatives.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends people have 270 mm of lagging in their attic in order to feel the maximum benefit of insulation.