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Dorset residents 'must ignore rogue traders in thermal insulation'

Householders in Dorset are being warned about cold-callers offering services such as thermal insulation.

Since April this year, officer's from Dorset County Council's Trading Standards team have been involved in 13 cases where door-to-door sales people have ripped off residents through the installation of home improvements.

Consequently, the local authority has advised individuals on how to deal with the rogue traders as part of National Consumer Week.

Ivan Hancock, Trading Standards manager at the council, said people should display a sign on their door to ward cold-callers off and if they do answer they should politely - but firmly - turn the companies away.

He added: "If they persist, you are within your rights to call the police - if the person on your doorstep does not leave they are committing an offence."

This follows a recent incident where two traders falsely claimed to represent Essex firm Brett Driveways and overcharged a Dorchester resident £3,000 for work on his property.

Dorset homeowners have been encouraged to only employ traders certified by the county's Buy With Confidence initiative, where they can be assured they will receive loft or cavity wall insulation from a reliable firm.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins