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Empire State Building 'to undergo heating insulation'

The Empire State Building is due to have a heating insulation overhaul as part of plans to upgrade its energy efficiency.

Towering above New York City's skyline, the iconic structure currently has a large carbon footprint, Green Building Press reports.

However, a series of new technologies are set to be installed in the 102-storey tower that will help to increase its thermal insulation.

Procedures such as refurbishing 6,500 panes of glass so they are triple-glazed and insulating behind radiators will reduce the loss of warmth and improve heating efficiency.

Lighting renovations will also take place, incorporating sensors that will turn fixtures on and off dependant on occupancy.

It is expected that undertaking the project will result in the building's energy bill being cut by £2.4 million per year and carbon emissions lowered by 38 per cent.

Visitors to the Empire State Building can ride high speed elevators to the 102nd floor observation deck from where they can view New York City and beyond.