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Energy Act to deal with insufficient British thermal insulation

Around half of the domiciles in the UK have insufficient thermal insulation, figures from the Department for Energy and Climate Change reveal.

A total of 50 per cent more fuel is used to power and heat homes than for the UK's industry, the government body claimed.

Therefore, the Energy Act has now become law and has set the framework for the Green Deal to operate under.

Wall insulation and other efficiency upgrades will have their upfront cost removed and are to be paid for in a charge on energy bills that will not be higher than the expected savings.

"As well as helping people save money through home energy improvement, the Green Deal will be a massive business opportunity," climate change minister Greg Barker said.

This was first introduced to parliament on December 8th 2010 and the first renovations performed under it are expected to occur in the autumn of 2012.

Posted by Helen Hughes