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Energy efficiency app aiming to make difference to retailers

Small retailers are being encouraged to take action that will result in them becoming more energy efficient via a new mobile application.

The Green Retail App was revealed as part of the Resource Efficient Scotland programme yesterday (October 16th) at a major event hosted in London by the Retail Energy Efficiency Task Force.

It is hoped the utility will provide businesses with all the information they need to reduce their consumption of water, gas and electricity, as well as helping them to produce less waste.

Videos and practical tools are available to offer guidance on such issues while users are also directed to links that contain more detailed insight into what they can do to improve their efficiency.

Stephen Boyle, programme area manager for the business sector at Resource Efficient Scotland, said: "The retail sector has the potential to make huge efficiency savings and we are keen to help them realise savings where they can and to make their businesses more efficient."

He described the Green Retail App as being an "easy-to-use and comprehensive tool", which is perfect for busy retailers to use as a reference point.

The app is currently available via Google Play and will soon also be free to download from the Apple store.

One of the key messages from the initiative is that it is in retailers' best interests to invest in becoming more energy efficient, as in the long run it will help them to reduce their overheads and achieve better levels of sustainability.

Measures like solid wall insulation can contribute towards this aim, enabling buildings to retain heat more effectively and consequently costing business owners less in their gas or electricity bills.

Resource Efficient Scotland is one of a number of projects working towards similar targets - earlier this year, 70 organisations were able to reduce their water consumption by 15.6 per cent as part of a scheme managed by the Waste & Resource Action programme. 

Posted by Rachel Jenkins