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Energy efficiency 'cheaper to achieve than previously thought'

Landlords are being advised that upgrading their properties to the minimum energy standards may be much cheaper than they expect.

Privately-rented homes are required to possess an Energy Performance Certificate rating of at least E by April 2018, otherwise they will not legally be able to let the buildings out.

According to the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), over 70 per cent of homes currently graded at F or G standard will be able to adequately upgrade their home for less than £1,000, while the average cost overall was £1,421.

WWF-UK climate and energy specialist Zoe Leader said: "What this research also demonstrates, very clearly, is that implementing minimum energy efficiency standards is not only good for the environment but with average bill savings of £409 a year, it is also good for our pockets."

One of the most effective ways to reduce energy wastage is to install solid or cavity wall insulation, which can dramatically lower the amount of heat that escapes from a building.

Posted by Paul Taylor