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'Engage homeowners' to increase take-up of energy initiatives

Lack of knowledge about the benefits of home energy efficiency improvements is holding people back from renovating their properties, it has been claimed.

Gordon Miller, sustainability and communications director of Sustain Worldwide, explained how concerns over the cost of initiatives such as solid wall insulation are holding homeowners back.

He said that several reasons such as "the complexity of understanding how to make one's home energy efficient, uncertainty about the efficiency of the materials and technologies and who you can trust to install them for you" are limiting how many people seek to make buildings greener.

One way to encourage the public to reduce their carbon footprint is to engage them with the cause, it was suggested.

Mr Miller stated that incentives including saving money or helping the planet could motivate individuals to consider how they can make a difference around the home.

His comments follow recent figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government that show the average efficiency for new homes in England for the October to December 2010 quarter was 81.7.