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Estate in Enfield sees efficiency improvements

A variety of energy efficiency improvements have been installed at an estate in Enfield.

The the first phase of the project was completed by the Lawtech Group, a national housing contractor. Its aim was to bring the homes on Exeter Road and Beaconsfield Road up to the highest standards, making them more environmentally friendly and bringing down annual fuel bills for residents. In addition, it was essential to keep disruptions to residents minimal.

The works were carried out after Enfield Homes decided to take advantage of an energy funding scheme provided by British Gas. Improvements included adding thermal wall insulation and insulating the flat roofs, as well as setting up a new district heating system, adding high-quality double-glazing, putting in new entrance door systems, redecorating the interior and removing asbestos.

Since the tower blocks had concrete solid wall construction, solid wall insulation was used to deliver improved u-values, as well as waterproofing. The flat roof insulation will also help to keep moisture out of the building, and was chosen to complement the new heating system.

Large-scale refurbishment

Throughout the project, Lawson demonstrated its experience in dealing with large-scale refurbishment schemes. The result was a scheme that had minimal impact on residents, and which brought the homes up to a high level of energy efficiency.

To optimise the use of resources and minimise inconvenience to residents, work on the blocks of flats was carried out from the top down. Various aspects of the project were combined and the project was planned carefully to ensure each step was carried out in an efficient manner. The contractor's Zero Defects drive was also instrumental, as it meant that works were signed off as they were finished - meaning there was no need to return later to rectify minor defects.

Other benefits to this approach included less disruption to residents. Scaffolding was in place for a shorter time and the budget for access operations was carefully controlled.

David Smith, marketing and business development manager at Lawtech Group said the team's approach to enabled the works to be completed quickly and to a high quality: "Our team worked on two elevations concurrently rather than four, both internally and externally. Two flats out of the four on each floor were worked on at a time." 

Mr Smith also explained that a key to the process was keeping the number of tradespeople present down to a manageable level: "Access routes and communal areas were not dominated by the presence of operatives or movements of materials," he said.

What's next?

Now that the pilot is finished, the contractor will be carrying out similar works to another six blocks as part of a £4.2 million scheme. 

These homes, also located on Exeter Road and Beaconsfield Road, have the same design as the first set. The decision to continue with the Lawson Group as contractor was due to the firm securing a high level of resident satisfaction. During the first phase, residents gave the glazing works a 100 per cent satisfaction rating, while the overall score for the project was 98 per cent.