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Fiona Phillips backs thermal insulation campaign

TV presenter Fiona Phillips is urging homeowners to find out if they are eligible for thermal insulation on behalf of a Home Heat Helpline campaign.

According to new figures from the cause, more than one in ten households in the UK - 3.4 million families - are able to receive help lowering their fuel bills, but many are unaware of this fact.

The helpline is seeking to provide individuals with free and impartial advice, which could save them an average of £160 on energy costs through grants for new boilers and insulation.

Ms Phillips said she remembers struggling to pay gas electricity companies when she was starting out, which is why she wants people to contact the Home Heat Helpline.

"Everyone is looking for ways to save money at the moment, so it's definitely worth picking up the phone. It's absolutely free so you've got nothing to lose and possibly lots to gain," she added.

The helpline has recommended that householders make a number of energy-saving changes around their homes, such as turning their thermostat down or switching off appliances when they are not in use.

Posted by Simon Webster