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Floor area 'best place for attic insulation'

When laying heating insulation in an attic it is important to ensure the loft is well ventilated.

This is according to handyman Peter Hotton, who informed a Boston Globe reader of the best way to insulate a roof space.

He described how installing lagging around the rafters "will do no good" as the eaves should be left bare so that moisture does not build-up.

It was suggested that the best place to lay thermal insulation is on the floor and Mr Hotton explained that in this area "the more the merrier" is a good policy.

The reader was told that placing heating insulation in the correct area could help him to reduce his energy use and save money on fuel bills.

Those who opt to lay mineral wool insulation are advised by the Energy Saving Trust to ensure it is at least 270 mm in thickness in order to achieve the most effective results.