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Forres homeowners 'must check identification of thermal insulation companies'

Residents in the Scottish town of Forres are being urged to read the small print of firms who are offering free thermal insulation to homes in the area, as not all are contracted by local authorities.

Moray Council has recruited SIG Energy Management - workers of which will carry proper credentials - to offer the energy-saving measures on its behalf, the Forres Gazette reports.

However, one council spokesman reported that representatives from other insulation companies have been offering the same services. while wearing similar clothing to appear official.

Pensioner May Taylor grew suspicious after re-reading a contract she signed to receive free insulation from a cold caller, mistaking the salesmen for council-contracted workers.

She was quoted as stating:"It said on the back that I would have to pay so much towards it and settle in full on completion of the work."

All SIG workers possess an individual ID card and a laminated letter from Moray Council signed by the authority's improvement services manager.

A Trading Standards company in Wirral was recently contacted by numerous individuals experiencing the same problem after door-to-door salespeople claimed to offer loft and wall insulation on behalf of a government scheme.

Posted by Paul Taylor