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Gorilla enclosure receives funding for green under floor heating

A new environmentally-friendly under floor heating system is to be installed at an animal enclosure in a bid to help limit climate change.

The Jersey Evening Post reports how Durrell Wildlife Park has been awarded £30,000 in sponsorship to help renovate the gorilla pen.

Using the funds, the current heat pump system will be renovated and the oil-fired burner replaced.

Jersey Electricity Company donated £20,000 to the project, while an additional £10,000 was given by ScottishPower Green Energy Trust.

The latter has lent its support to the scheme as the modifications will help heat the inside of the enclosure in a greener way, which falls in line with the charity's drive to promote renewable energy sources.

Durrell Wildlife Park houses a number of western lowland gorillas that originate from Africa and are considered to be endangered.

The first of these mammals to arrive at the zoo was a female named N'pongo, who lived at the site from 1959 until her death in 1999.