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Green Deal changes welcomed by industry

Organisations hoping to improve the energy efficiency of the UK's homes have welcomed the latest round of changes to the Green Deal.

Introduced on Monday (June 9th), the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund will offer many of those who take advantage of the scheme up to £1,000 in cashback if they meet certain criteria.

Greenwise Business reports the Energy Saving Trust has given positive feedback on the move, with chief executive Philip Sellwood saying he hoped the new approach would increase the rate of takeup among homeowners.

"It’s crucial that households are made aware of these financial incentives without forgetting to sell them the benefits: warmer, healthier homes that are cheaper to run," he added.

Up to £6,000 is available for those who choose to install solid wall insulation, while the cashback can be granted if individuals then choose to fit an additional two measures from a specified list.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins