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Green party pledge to insulate homes

The Scottish Green party yesterday (March 24th) announced plans to fit heating insulation in all homes in the country.

Co-leader Patrick Harvie launched the Holyrood campaign that also pledged to protect public services and oppose university tuition fees, the Scotsman reports.

In order to fund theses initiatives, it was suggested that high earners should be taxed more so money is not in short supply following the forthcoming spending cuts.

"We're launching the key pledges of the election and the first of those is a willingness to raise taxation to pay for public services," Mr Harvie said.

Plans to introduce wall insulation and loft lagging to all homes in Scotland would cost more than £1 billion over the next ten years.

However, the Greens noted that such an overhaul would reduce fuel bills and help the country meet carbon targets.

Mr Harvie is the party's top candidate for the Glasgow region.