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Greenpeace calls for government energy-saving commitment

Eco-campaigning organisation Greenpeace has called on David Cameron to review his plans to address the UK's dependency on Russian fuel sources ahead of a key gathering tomorrow (June 27th).

In a recent blog post, the charity has asked for the prime minister to consider how the country can work towards reducing its energy consumption, as opposed to exploring the potential impact of fracking.

Mr Cameron will meet with other leaders of the European Union (EU) as they try to tackle the level of geopolitical power Russia commands as a result of its access to gas and oil reserves.

Greenpeace wants to see binding energy efficiency targets in place across the EU, with members aiming to get up to standard by 2030.

It's hoped the topic of how countries can lower the amount of gas and electricity they use will form at least part of the agenda, but whether or not they will discuss the intricacies of how this might be achieved remains to be seen.

Posted by Simon Webster