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Hardwood floors 'can last a lifetime'

Homeowners considering what flooring to lay on top of their under floor heating system may want to consider a wood finish.

Ed Korczak, executive director and chief executive officer of the National Wood Flooring Association, explained that this type of surface is the "only green" option.

He described how hardwood can "last a lifetime", with properly maintained materials remaining in good condition for longer than 100 years.

"When wood floors start to look worn down, they can be sanded and refinished to look new again," Mr Korczak stated.

It was suggested that such surfaces are easy to maintain and just require "sweeping with a soft bristle broom, or vacuuming with the beater bar turned off".

Finally, Mr Korczak noted that wood floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and show little wear and tear.

According to Wood4floors, narrower boards are the best option when a room is fitted with under floor heating.