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Heating insulation 'an important winter preparation'

Installing thermal insulation to ensure pipes are well lagged is something all homeowners should do ahead of winter.

This is according to engineer at HomeServe John Hancock, who explained how taking the time to prepare properties for cold weather can prevent "some of the most common home emergencies".

"Prevention, as the saying goes, is better than cure and it can save you time and money in the long run," he stated.

Assessing abodes for draughts and leaks, bleeding radiators, insulting pipes and clearing gutters were all recommended, along with having the boiler serviced.

Mr Hancock claimed that an annual pre-winter boiler check is wise, as going without hot water or heating can be "miserable" when the weather is cold.

Investing in insurance was also recommended, as this can help to cover the cost of callouts and home emergencies.

Elsewhere, eco warrior Philippa Forrester recently encouraged property owners to prepare their abodes for winter by applying for grants for loft heating insulation.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins