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Heating insulation 'appeals to green home buyers'

Individuals hoping to sell their homes have been advised to consider installing heating insulation.

In an interview with Eco Friend News, Think Insulation's Lydia Sharples explained how properties that have a low carbon footprint are more desirable to some buyers.

Ms Sharples claimed that more and more people are concerned about being environmentally-friendly in the home and look for ways to reduce their energy consumption.

"The prospect of lower energy bills is high on people's lists when house hunting so we would urge vendors to make their property more saleable to capitalise on a potentially attractive market," she said.

It was suggested that one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to do this is to install cavity wall insulation or loft insulation.

According to Think Insulation, homeowners could save £145 per year by laying heating insulation in their attic, while lagging their walls may help them to shave an additional £110 off bills.