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Heating insulation 'better cost-saving measure than light bulbs'

Installing heating insulation is more cost-effective than using energy efficient light bulbs, an expert has stated.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, head of energy at Consumer Focus Audrey Gallacher said the government's Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) scheme is expensive for consumers and not being used properly.

At a current cost of £45 per year, rising to £52 from April, the CERT requires energy providers to give customers light bulbs in a bid to save energy.

However, many firms posted these bulbs out and Ms Gallacher suggested a large proportion did not reach their intended destination.

"Millions of these light bulbs will be sitting in drawers or rubbish dumps. The money could have been much better spent on home insulation and heating measures," she remarked.

Ms Gallacher's comments follow recent claims by her organisation that the government's 'Warm Home Discount' scheme could miss out 1.5 million consumers who need help.