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Heating insulation 'stops pipes bursting'

Heating insulation ought to be fitted on water pipes over winter time to reduce the likelihood of the plumbing freezing.

This is according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema), which also recommended ensuring that all occupants of the premises know how to turn off the water supply if a pipe bursts in the cold weather.

Thermal insulation should be fitted to loft spaces if necessary and this can also cut fuel bills, the government body stated.

It promoted cavity wall insulation or solid wall insulation, while doors can also have lagging "to further protect your home from the cold".

Weather-stripping and calking should be performed on a property and specialist contractors can be brought in to determine a building's structural integrity, Fema asserted.

The agency's suggestions echo those made by the UK's National Association of Estate Agents, which pointed out housebuyers will be considering these features when the weather is cold.

Posted by Simon Webster