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Highlands council warns locals of firms offering thermal insulation

Residents in areas of the Scottish Highlands have been advised by local trading standards officers to check the identification of companies offering free thermal insulation.

Currently, the Scottish government is funding a scheme entitled Universal Home Insulation Scheme (UNIS) operated by Carillion Energy Services.

However, local homeowners have been visited by representatives from other businesses falsely claiming to provide the service through the council.

Karen Maclean, energy advice officer at Highland Council, said only the households within the selected areas will receive free installations and Carillion is the only firm administering these improvements.

"We are concerned that others whose competence has not been vetted will carry out works and potentially leave the house damaged with no recourse for the householder," she added.

The reports have arrived after it was discovered homeowners in the Scottish town of Forres have also been given free insulation by salespeople disguised in official-looking clothing.

UNIS only applies to households in the five council wards of Aird and Loch Ness, Tain and Easter Ross, Cromarty Firth, Landward Caithness and Wick.

Posted by Helen Hughes