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'Hire a professional' for heating improvements

Individuals considering renovating their property by installing under floor heating may want to ensure they hire an expert.

Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, explained how certain DIY can detract from the value of a house rather than increase it.

He warned heating or electricity systems updates "require specialists" as solicitors may ask for details and certificates to prove the work has been completed.

It was suggested that without these documents, people "won't sell the house".

Mr Leech added that even if the work is minor individuals need to consider potential repercussions for the future, when they want to put their property on the market.

"You have ... got to be careful that you are quite competent at doing these jobs," he stated.

The comments followed a recent report by My Hammer that revealed 60 per cent of homeowners in the UK plan to make improvements to their residence this year.