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Homeowners 'should consider thermal insulation'

Draft-proofing and thermal insulation are key sustainable home improvements, according to one expert.

Christian Engelke, technical director at heating systems company Viessmann, commented that one of the government's current concerns is that UK properties are the least energy-efficient in Europe.

As a result, it has encouraged homeowners to better insulate their properties, which could also keep fuel bills low.

Mr Engelke stated: "Home improvement is primarily driven through the insulation of the house - cavity wall, loft and floor insulation."

Householders may then want to improve the ventilation rate of their home by fitting better windows, he added.

If heating systems are updated, energy requirements for a property are less due to the new and improved building fabric and the cost of replacing heating products will also be brought down.

According to Mr Engelke, home improvements should be geared towards the individual person and the style of the property, as well as the budget they have available.

Posted by Helen Hughes