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Homeowners 'should install' loft or wall insulation

Householders can become more energy-efficient by fitting their properties with measures such as loft or wall insulation, according to one expert.

Issi Lammas from and said upgrades such as these can lower fuel bills, while they will also help consumers to lead a greener lifestyle.

She advised that individuals do not spend their money on extravagant appliances - instead, they should choose models that will save the most electricity.

"Energy monitors can [also] be useful in helping get to grips with what energy is being used in your home," she added.

The expert also urged property owners to look at how they are currently using power through their electrical products in order to determine where they can cut down on supplies.

For example, she continued, a fridge-freezer from the 1990s could cost someone around £40 a year to run and should be replaced.

This follows a recent warning from National Energy Action that stated families with lower incomes should take advantage of thermal insulation offered by the government's Warm Front scheme.

Posted by Helen Hughes