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Insulation could boost West Midlands by £566 million

The West Midlands could gain £566 million through increased usage of environmentally-friendly techniques such as cavity wall insulation, it has been suggested.

New analysis by the Energy Saving Trust showed insulating all cavity walls and lofts in the region could also support more than 12,000 jobs, the Bromsgrove Advertiser reports.

According to the study, adding this type of thermal insulation to homes could save £91.4 million on fuel bills across the area.

Commenting on the numbers, Philip Sellwood, Energy Saving Trust chief executive, said: "The economic benefits of sustainability, nationally and locally, need to be made clear more than ever. Energy efficiency makes economic sense and this is a statement of what can be done."

Mr Sellwood added that a problem in the UK is the number of big, old houses from which heat easily escapes, a situation that could be addressed with better thermal insulation.

According to architect and TV presenter George Clarke, installing loft insulation is one of the best ways for householders to increase their energy efficiency.