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Insulation helps church move towards carbon-neutral status

A church in Newbury is due to have heating insulation installed as part of a scheme to become the first carbon-neutral house of worship in the UK.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has welcomed the move, which has also seen 129 solar panels installed to St George the Martyr Church, the BBC reports.

It is hoped that the religious venue will derive all its energy requirements from sustainable sources and feed extra power back into the national grid.

The original gas boiler struggled to heat the building to more than 12 degrees C.

Revered Paul Cowan explained that the design of the church also posed some problems.

"We are putting in a whole new insulated ceiling. We couldn't put insulation in the loft as you would at home because the ceiling is too fragile," he stated.

Back in 2009, the BBC reported that the parish was appealing for donations to help fund the renovation works.